Medical Calculators
Math isn't easy when you are under pressure. Let eMedic's medical calculators do the difficult work so you can focus on your patient.

eMedic includes more than a dozen medical calculators. These calculators have been handcrafted to be fast and flexible. Learn more about eMedic.

The APGAR Calculator helps you determine a newborn's APGAR (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respirations) score. It uses pop-up menus and updates the score immediately.

As with all of the information in eMedic, this calculator is both a handy reference and a learning aid.

The Blood Alcohol Content Calculator estimates the percent blood alcohol content ("BAC") based on the Widmark formula (which considers gender).

The Blood Pressure Estimator converts a palpable pulse to a estimated systolic blood pressure. When you don't have a BP cuff and you need to know now.

The Burn Calculator uses the popular "Rule of Nines" calculation to determine the extent of a burn. You simply tap on the body locations that are burned and eMedic calculates the percentage instantly.

The adult and infant percentages are based on DOT protocols. The child percentages use a popular hybrid.


The Conversion Calculator converts between:
  • Energy (calories and joules).
  • Length (centimeters, feet, inches, kilometers, meters, micrometers, miles, millimeters, and yards).
  • Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin).
  • Volume, liquid (cups, fluid ounces, gallons, liters, millimeters, pints, quarts, tablespoons, and teaspoons).
  • Weight (grains, grams, kilograms, micrograms, milligrams, ounces, and pounds).
The Drug Dosage Calculator calculates a drug dosage based on a doctor's order and the concentration on hand. It supports every unit imaginable (e.g., grains, kilograms, milligrams, teaspoons, tablets, etc.) for every item. This is the most comprehensive dosage calculator available!
The ETT Calculator estimates the size of an endotracheal tube based on the patient's age.
The Eye Assessment calculator displays a pupil size chart (on the Palm) and causes of abnormal pupil conditions (on the Pocket PC and Windows versions).
The combined Glasgow/Revised Trauma calculator adjusts for children and adults. The values are selected from convenient pop-up menus. 

The Revised Trauma score automatically uses the Glasgow score--change a Glasgow setting and the Trauma score automatically updates.

The IV Drip Calculator supplements the Dosage Calculator. You supply the Order, Concentration, and Drip Set, and eMedic calculates the Drip Rate!
The Pediatric Trauma Calculator estimates the risk of mortality in your smaller patients.
The Oxygen Tank Calculator calculates the amount of time that an O2 tank will last. It supports all flow rates and all popular tank sizes. Ideal before that long transport.
The Vital Sign Calculator displays the normal heart rate, respiration, and systolic blood pressure ranges based on age and gender.

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