eMedic includes more than 30 algorithms that are presented as flowcharts. You simply tap on the boxes to navigate through more than 200 pages of flowcharts.

As with all of the information in eMedic, the algorithms are a handy reference when you need information quickly, as well as a great learning tool when you are waiting for your next patient.

  • Aspirin Administration
  • Assessment Algorithm
  • Asystole Algorithm
  • BLS Algorithm (Adult)
  • BLS Algorithm (Child)
  • BLS Stroke Assessment
  • Bradycardia Algorithm (Adult)
  • Bradycardia Algorithm (Peds)
  • Cardiac Arrest Causes
  • Cardioversion Algorithm
  • Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
  • CPR Algorithm
  • ECG Interpretation
  • Foreign-Body Airway Obstruction
  • Glucose Levels
  • Hypotension Algorithm
  • Hypothermia Algorithm
  • JumpSTART (Pediatric) Triage
  • Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Screen (LAPSS)
  • PEA Algorithm
  • Primary ABCD Survey
  • Pulse Oximetry Interpretation
  • Pulseless Arrest Algorithm (Adult)
  • Pulseless Arrest Algorithm (Peds)
  • Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Secondary ABCD Survey
  • Selective Spinal Immobilization
  • Shock Algorithm
  • Stable Ventricular Tachycardia (VT)
  • START Triage Algorithm
  • Tachycardia Algorithm
  • Triage Algorithm
  • VF/VT Algorithm

A few of the 200 pages of algorithms are shown below.


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